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Where to Smoke in DC: Top Smoking Spots

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The laws for marijuana in DC are getting more lenient, and smoking weed is becoming more acceptable as well. 

That means it is time to find the best places to smoke in DC (legally.)

where to smoke weed in dc

But where can you smoke in DC without getting in trouble?

The Nation’s Capital has been at the forefront of cannabis reform, with recreational marijuana becoming legal in early 2015. But despite this progressive attitude towards cannabis, there are still some restrictions on where you can smoke it.

In this article, we will teach you about the smoking rules in DC, and we will let you in on some of the top spots to light up and enjoy your smoke of choice.

What are the Rules for Smoking Weed in Washington DC?

Marijuana is now legal in Washington DC, but there are still some rules you need to know about smoking weed in the city. 

The rules for smoking tobacco are slightly more lenient than smoking weed in DC.

As a weed smoker, you probably want to know the rules for smoking weed in Washington DC.

According to DC.gov, the law requires all establishments and businesses with employees to be smoke-free, but there are still some exceptions we will tell you about.

Whether you are a resident or just visiting, here is what you need to know about smoking in DC.

Can you Smoke in Public in DC?

Smoking is prohibited in all enclosed public places in DC.

Smoking is also banned on all forms of public transportation, including buses, trains, and taxis. This ban includes both electronic cigarettes and traditional cigarettes.

Unfortunately for weed smokers, consuming or smoking marijuana in public is also illegal. You are not allowed to smoke on sidewalks, at parks, in alleys, or in the streets. 

Even smoking marijuana inside of your parked car is illegal. And do not drive under the influence as being high will be treated the same as driving under the influence of alcohol.

Where to Get Your Stash in DC

Now, you know the rules for smoking in DC. You probably know where you can find your tobacco needs, but for weed, there are only a few options we recommend.

So for those of you who still need to re-up and buy weed in DC, stopping by Peace in the Air is a must.

smoking in dc

At least if you are going to put a stench in the air, let out a high-quality and skunky one. When you buy from Peace in the Air, it is most likely going to be smelly.

Furthermore, our top-shelf strains are grown using only organic methods, so you can enjoy their delicious taste and potent effects without any harmful chemicals. Plus, all of our products are lab-tested to ensure that they’re free from contaminants.

Common DC Smoking Spots

Washington DC is an amazing city with a ton of history and culture, but the history of legal weed smoking has just begun here. 

Whether you are a smoker or just tolerate the smell, Washington DC is a great city to light up in if you know the right spots.

You can find smokers chilling out all over the place, but some spots are more popular and more legal than others. Here is our list of the most common places to smoke in DC.

Is Smoking Allowed at Dispensaries?

There are also a few pot shops in Washington DC where you can enjoy your weed. Some of these businesses actually allow their customers to smoke on the premises, but not all do. 

You will need to check with each dispensary individually before you go.

We currently do not allow smoking at Peace in the Air.

Smoking Weed in DC at Events

Often, there are weed events where people can trade, exhibit, and sell their cannabis items. 

Depending on the location of the event, you may be able to legally smoke while you are there. It depends on if the event is on private property. Some businesses are given special permission to allow smoking on their premises.

If the owner of the property has given permission to smoke, then you can feel free to spark up at one of these events.

However, there are rules that the owner/host must abide by in order to adhere to DC smoking regulations. There will usually be a designated area for those that want to smoke while attending. 

Smoking at DC Bars and Clubs

In some circumstances, bars and clubs in DC will allow you to spark up your weed. It depends on if the establishment is open to the public.

If it is a normal night and the bar/club is open to the public, sorry, you will not be able to smoke your weed legally as you might be able to with tobacco. 

However, if the bar or club is considered to be “private,” there is a good chance that you will be able to smoke legally, or at least without the fear of repercussions.

It is important to find out the rules of each specific location you visit if you plan to smoke weed. 

Private Cannabis Clubs in Washington DC

There are a few private cannabis clubs in Washington DC. These clubs allow you to smoke weed in a safe and legal environment. 

Some of these clubs even have lounges where you can relax and enjoy your herb. The only downside is that you need to be a member to get into these clubs and because of the massive uptick in smokers in the area, it may be hard to get invited. 

Bottom Line for DC Smoking

Smoking in DC is becoming more popular now that weed is an option. Unfortunately, the rules are different for tobacco and weed. 

You can smoke cigarettes on a sidewalk without a problem, but if you’re smoking some pot, then it’s illegal to do so anywhere within 25 feet of any school property or public space where children might congregate, unless you have permission from the owner of said establishment.  

There are a few places in DC where you can smoke without fear of getting fined. These include your property, private residences, designated smoking areas in bars and restaurants, and some outdoor public parks. 

We will all be lighting up soon enough with legal marijuana available across our great nation. For now, follow the rules or at least be aware of the risks. 

No matter where you smoke it, make sure you get your stash from a good source so at least it smells good. Get the highest quality buds with the best aromas from Peace in the Air.

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