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How to Buy Weed in DC without Getting Ripped Off

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How to Buy Weed in DC without Getting Ripped Off

Are you wondering how to buy weed in DC? In the District of Columbia, the laws surrounding the possession, use, gifting, and purchasing of marijuana are confusing at best. 

Demand is rising, as both residents and visitors alike know that DC weed is some of the best in the nation. 

But to smoke the best, you’ll need to know the cannabis landscape as well as what companies have a good reputation and even better products. 

how to buy weed in dc

This guide will share tips for buying weed in DC without worrying whether you’ll get into legal trouble. Read on to learn more. 

How to Get Weed in DC - Legally

The laws surrounding the possession of marijuana in DC changed dramatically in 2015 when voters passed a referendum known as Initiative 71. 

The new law granted certain freedoms when it came to marijuana, but it did not completely legalize recreational sales. 

Instead of completely decriminalizing the sale of weed, like in 18 states in the country, this law created what is known as a gifting system. That means it’s legal for anyone over the age of 21 to possess and use marijuana. But how to get weed in DC isn’t as clear-cut.

It’s important to visit a trustworthy and professional business specializing in this new gifting system when it’s time to resupply your weed. There’s nothing to worry about, as long as you know the right things to say and go to the right place. 

Peace in the Air, located at 2118 18th Street NW in Adams Morgan, is one of the best cannabis businesses in DC. They’ll do all the talking and ask the right questions, so you won’t have to risk being out of compliance with the legal gifting system. 

Still, you’ll want to get familiar with the process before you arrive. Let’s go over the safe and legal process outlined in the law. 

Buying Weed in DC - Important Rules of the Gifting System

Anyone interested in smoking (or ingesting through products like candies, chocolates, drinks, and so many more) cannabis needs to know one thing: Technically, the act of selling weed in DC is not permitted outside of the medical system. 

But there’s a big loophole that legislators created to the benefit of everyone else.

When you enter a store like Peace in the Air with the intent of buying weed in Washington DC, you have to be careful with your phrasing and vocabulary. Free speech laws allow for both store clerks and interested customers to talk about weed. But what you can’t do is buy it.

The gifting system works like this: Customers are actually buying another item, like a piece of digital art, and receiving the weed as a complimentary gift. The cost of the item you are actually purchasing will correspond to the amount the gifted weed is worth.

Through this system, you can possess up to 2 ounces of cannabis, although stores are only permitted to “gift” up to 1 ounce during a visit. 

You don’t have to be a DC resident, but you do have to be over 21 years of age.  

Find a DC Weed Company You Can Trust

Let’s review. When you’re interested in buying weed in Washington DC, you first need to go to a business, like Peace in the Air, that participates in the weed gifting system. They can walk you through the process, using the correct wording to comply with the 2015 law.

It’s a gray area, that’s for sure. But it provides an opportunity for residents and visitors to the DC area — especially the popular Adams Morgan neighborhood — to enjoy weed in private. 

Finding a trustworthy business is just part of the process of obtaining the best cannabis in DC. 

In the upcoming sections, we’ll discuss the options that are available and how to get exactly what you want without stress.

Cannabis in DC from Medical Shops

The two most important things to look for when in the market for weed are that it’s legal and safe. 

But that’s just the beginning. You also want to make sure that you’re getting the best weed in DC that you can and that you won’t be ripped off by getting low-quality flower or edibles.

There’s nothing worse than using a legal delivery service, only to discover that the weed they bring you isn’t at all what you hoped. 

Often, by the time you can determine that it’s bad, the transaction is complete, and you can’t return it. This can happen in brick-and-mortar stores, too. 

Sometimes, you’ll return from a visit to a local cannabis store only to discover the weed you thought you picked out is different from what you have in your bag.

At Peace in the Air, you won’t run into these problems. With hundreds of 5-star reviews on Google and other online review sites, you can depend on their connoisseurs for sourcing high-quality weed.

Making Sure It’s Good Marijuana in DC

Medical cannabis is still an option in DC. There are several reasons why it makes sense to steer clear of medical shops.

First, you’ll find better pricing at recreational stores. Medical stores have the overhead costs of licensing and certifications to operate legally, and of course, they’ll pass those costs on to the consumer. 

Second, you need to have a medical card. There is quite a process for making that happen, and there are only a few places throughout the city that even accept it. 

In the future, there may be a good reason to get a medical marijuana card — such as tax benefits, for example. But in the meantime, it’s easiest just to skip the process and use the gifting system until cannabis is completely legal throughout the United States and in DC.

DC Cannabis Delivery Details

Peace in the Air in Adams Morgan offers a reliable delivery service that’s fast and simple.

Unlike other places with slow and spotty delivery, Peace in the Air delivers for free to people interested in buying weed in DC. 

It’s best to call in advance to secure a driver who can provide gifts for people throughout DC, the southeast, and surrounding areas. Minimum order is $100.

You can pick your gift through their website at any time. The store is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week. Learn more by checking out their website, peaceintheair.com.

Buying Weed in Washington DC - COVID Safe

With the pandemic still ongoing, many users of cannabis in DC are interested in staying safe and healthy. 

When learning about buying weed in Washington DC, working with a store that clearly states health guidelines is crucial.

For example, Peace in the Air offers in-store and curbside pickup that is about as contact-less as you can get. If you have additional concerns, you can also call (202) 905-2330 and speak with a trusted employee.

DC Marijuana in the Future

Now that you understand the gifting system and how you can obtain DC marijuana — not how to buy marijuana in DC — you may be wondering about the future. 

Many changes are happening within the weed market in the District of Columbia worth following.

DC may be moving to full legalization of both recreational and medical marijuana in the future, making it easier to buy weed. 

Some businesses are also investing in new technology, like delivery apps and crypto payments. You may soon be able to buy non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and receive a gift of weed with your purchase. 

How to Buy Marijuana in DC - Rolled Up

You know that technically you’re not buying marijuana in DC but instead participating in a unique gifting system that allows you to possess and enjoy without worry.

Cannabis in DC is some of the best in the nation, but you must work with a reputable business to not get ripped off. 

Now that you know the terms and process of how to get weed in DC, you’ll be ready to go. 

Start by stopping by Peace in the Air or logging on to their website to place an order for DC weed today.

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